may reflections + our giveaway winner!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I just went through a bit of a rough patch, losing my maternal grandmother on the same day as Sage's fifth anniversary on May 5, 2016.

The weeks following her death have been strangely bittersweet: Mother's Day. My son's birthday. News of a friend's pregnancy.

Perhaps it is the circle of life, but in the midst of grieving, I have seen glimmers of God's faithfulness and of His grace. The outpouring of love and prayer from my friends has been incredible. My May and June couples had immediately reached out to me, and selflessly encouraged me to take time to step away from work and focus on my family. I am so so thankful for every call, every text, every message you have left me. What a blessing to be surrounded by so much love.

In that spirit of love and gratitude, I am thrilled to {finally} announce the winner of our fifth anniversary giveaway. We received nearly two dozen entries, and while we wish we could have selected every single couple, we ultimately came to the unanimous decision that these two just stood out among the rest --

Sunny + Andrew both currently serve in the U.S. Air Force, which is where they met and eventually fell in love. Their love story, as told by Andrew:

Sunny and I only saw each other in passing since 2011. It wasn't until I started working with Sunny in 2014 that we really got to know each other. At that point in my life, I was going through a very rough patch and Sunny was truly a ray of sunshine for me. Close friends and family members saw an almost overnight change in my demeanor. This happiness and love for life developed from only our friendship. Our friendship continued to develop until I left for Malmstrom AFB, Montana (Sunny was at F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming). At this point, our friendship blossomed into a textbook relationship. Although geographically separated, this didn't stop the continued development of our already strong relationship. We were only able to be physically together about once a month, and although it was a 10-11 hour drive (one-way) to see each other, it was well worth it.  On 24 November 2015, Sunny and I got married and promised our lives to each other. Although we're already married, the formal wedding will still be a special day where we can declare our love for each other in front of our friends and family.

Sunny + Andrew, we know that you sacrifice so much, and this is just a small way we can thank you for your service. We are so happy + honored to be a part of your celebration -- congratulations!


For the past five years, Sage has helped couples and families tell their love + life stories. People would come to us with outlines of their visions, and we were entrusted as editors to bring out the best in their celebrations. These stories made us laugh, they made us cry, and most importantly, they made us overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to do what we loved. And on the brink of our fifth anniversary, I cannot help but reflect on the chapters of Sage's own story, and how we've journeyed and explored and grown into who we are today. 

In junior high and high school, I was *that* student council, cheerleader, "school spirit"-obsessed kid, who loved every stress-filled moment of planning campus meetings and events. {I can see some of my friends nodding as they remember this side of me!} Yet as I looked towards college, I never thought I could pursue a career that expanded on these skills and interests, and so I chose to focus on a different passion of mine: English.

Fast forward through college at NYU, a short teaching stint in New York, then a two-year counseling job in Korea -- I came back to LA with the misconception that I could easily get a job as an English teacher. But God undoubtedly had different plans as He closed different doors to what I had thought were amazing opportunities. I felt so discouraged and lost and unsure of my future.

But it was around this time that a friend, knowing of my high school glory days {and my near-OCD tendencies} asked if I would consider taking on the role of her wedding day-of coordinator. I somewhat blindly accepted the offer, not knowing the impact it would have on me. At her wedding, the caterer asked if she could have a business card to refer me to other clients. Upon hearing that I did not have one, let alone an actual business, she immediately told me that I needed to "get on it". To this day, I am thankful to my friend and Polly at Four Seasons for giving me the opportunity and encouragement that would ultimately transition me into this completely unexpected career.

That May, Sage was born. 


I often laugh when someone asks where I learned to "be a wedding planner," since my journey has been so unconventional. I would have never imagined that my geeky ASB days would have influenced my career, but more importantly, I had not expected that my former career would have played such an integral role to growing as a planner. I am a clearer thinker, better manager, and more creative designer and coordinator than I would have been without my teaching experience. And having worked as a student counselor, I love sitting down with clients and hearing their stories and ideas – and then bringing those dreams to fruition.

Undoubtedly, my heart feels like it will explode with gratitude for the past five years -- the plot of Sage's own story has been both terrifying and transformative, but most importantly, it was been so rewarding. I am proud of how much Sage has grown as a company, as a team, and as a community of past + present clients. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

As a token of our gratitude, and in celebration of our imminent fifth anniversary, we are hosting a pretty fabulous giveaway in collaboration with some of our favorite friendors, including:

{how to enter}
Send an e-mail with the subject "#sageturnsfive" to with the following information:

  1. Bride + Groom's full names
  2. Instagram handles {if available}
  3. Wedding date
  4. Ceremony + Reception Venue{s}
  5. Your "love story" {cheesy, mushy-gushiness encouraged!}
  6. A photo of the Bride + Groom


  1. Your wedding must be scheduled for 2017 or 2018 and based in Southern California.
  2. Unfortunately, current clients of Sage Event Planning and other participating vendors are illegible to apply.
  3. Please only make one submission; multiple entries will be disqualified. 
  4. The final giveaway terms will be negotiated according to the discretion of Sage Event Planning and other participating vendors once a winner is selected. 

Submissions will be accepted until May 2nd. The winner will selected based on their stories and availability of all vendor participants, and will be announced on May 5th {the date of our actual anniversary}!

Special thanks to my good friend, Sara {of Handmade by Sara Kim-fame} for photographing our celebratory brunch!

tiffany's epiphanies | part three | final

September has come, which means my summer is quickly ending. It’s time to trade those late mornings for 8AM classes, and weekend weddings for study sessions. If only I could whip up a magic spell to freeze time and stay in this summer bliss forever.


But alas, all good things must come to end eventually… or not. Though my time with Sage may be ending {boo!}, the friendships and bonds will be everlasting. This experience would not have been half of what it was without the amazing #sagebackstage team. They welcomed me with open arms, warm smiles, and “sage” advice. As I mentioned in my previous post, working with the team has been a huge PRO of this entire experience. They’ve made a lasting impact on me, and that’s why I am dedicating my last post to three wonderful ladies, whom I’ll refer to as “The Three E’s”.


Erica | The Designer

Erica, hands-down, has one of the greatest aesthetic eyes. Like I said before, I’d never considered myself to be creative, but after watching Erica work her magic, she’s selflessly shared some of her secrets with me. Thanks to her, I know what fonts look great together, how to lay out escort cards in a picture-perfect way, and how to secretly disguise décor blunders. She might seem reserved at first, but she has become my go-to for anything, ranging from questions about the way something looks or when I need quick feedback.


Esther | The Mascot/Mom

She’s known as the mascot of the team, which definitely suits her personality. She’s constantly making us laugh and adding that spark of energy we need to get through our day. Esther is constantly checking up on me to make sure I’m not overwhelmed, and doesn’t hesitate to answer any questions I might have. As a joke, I call her my “mom” because she always makes sure I eat enough during our long wedding days, and she somehow always manages to get me bread and butter {all I need in life are bread, butter… and fries}.


Eunice | The Mentor

When I first met Eunice, I immediately felt at ease. She has this soothing quality to her, and it makes you trust her instantly. She’s patient, caring, understanding, and basically every adjective that you would use to describe a mentor. She’s taught me how to handle stressful situations {like dealing with difficult vendors, yikes!} and how to rock the term “playful professionalism”. I admire her in so many ways, and I’ve found myself trying to emulate her – the way she listens intently when you’re telling a story, how she can remember the little details that would normally be overlooked, her ability to compartmentalize and organize, and the way she looks at a situation from all angles. Not only is she great at telling life + love stories, she’s amazing at giving life + love advice.

Throughout my internship, I’ve had the honor of meeting and working with some of the most amazing ladies on the #sagebackstage team. Although I’ve highlighted only a few of the ones I’ve worked most closely with {The Three E’s}, I will be forever grateful for each and every single one of the ladies on our team. Thank you so much for an unforgettable summer, filled with tulle, flowers, and heartfelt sentiments!

tiffany's epiphanies | part two

I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post! These past months have flown by so quickly that I haven’t really had a chance to catch my breath. This summer has been unbelievably exhilarating and memorable, in large part due to Sage.

This internship has given me a chance to grow and learn outside of books, and has given me an inside look into the world of event planning. After a summer filled with weddings and #sagebackstage exclusives, I’ve realized some things…


Why interning for Sage has been awesome:

1.    Checking out some of the coolest places in LA. One of the best things about living in LA is that everything is so diverse. I’ve been to wedding venues that have been trendy and hip to classy and elegant. Having lived in Southern California for nearly all of my life, I never knew these places existed, and I probably would have never known if not for this internship.

2.    Leftover everything. One of my favorite things to do is to have one keepsake from each wedding I’ve done. From photobooth pictures to wedding programs, each keepsake is a memento of a couple’s special day. This has definitely exacerbated my packrat habit, but hey, call me sentimental.

3.    Creativity isn’t just innate, but can be learned. I’ve always considered myself to be very “inside the box”, but since starting this internship, I’ve embraced my imaginative side. Observing how our team and other vendors display creativity, I no longer feel afraid to simply experiment and try new things.

4.    Working with the Sage Team. You’ll never find another group of ladies who works together as well as we do. One of the best parts of #sagebackstage is when all of us can kick back our shoes, relax, and celebrate another joyous occasion as we toast the beautiful couple.


Yet with all the perks of this internship, I have also realized that there have been some challenging surprises:

1.    Ever-changing wedding pipe dreams. Indoor or outdoor venue? Cake or dessert buffet? DJ or band? I’ve never thought about these things before, but interning for Sage has made these questions a weekly battle. My eclectic Pinterest board solidifies the fact that there are too many options! Thank goodness I’m not getting married anytime soon…

2.    Wedding hangover (n)*. How you feel the day after a wedding; a bittersweet feeling. Typically consists of reliving the wedding and wishing it didn’t end, followed by exhaustion.

*Technically a verb since the feeling seems to never end.

3.    There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter wedding. That being said, being flexible is one of the most important skills needed as an event coordinator. My day-of responsibilities have varied wedding-to-wedding, and there are always unexpected duties that arise. I’ve learned to become adaptable to every situation.


4.    I’ll never be a “normal” wedding guest again. Whether it’s a wedding for a friend or a family member, I guarantee that I will be the most observant guest in attendance. After working for Sage, I know what it’s like to be behind the scenes, and how the vendors are coming together to make everything happen.


Amidst these pros and cons, one thing stands certain: I wish my time with Sage didn't have to come to an end. 

My next {and final} post will be the most personal, and the most important, so make sure to stay tuned!

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tiffany's epiphanies | part one

a.k.a. how did I get home?

A special thank you to everyone who read my last post! The feedback I’ve received was far greater than I would have ever imagined, and as always, your never-ending support means so much to me! You’ve left me with an exhilarating feeling, and it makes me that much more excited about this next entry. 

After being on the #sagebackstage team for over a month, I quickly learned that no two weddings are the same – every wedding is unique. And that’s the best part. I discover something new each time, as if I’m adding a little extra magic to carry around in my pocket.

Now, many of you have asked me what it’s like to be a part of Sage, and what I do during weddings. The first part is easy for me to answer – being a part of Sage is like being a part of an endearing storybook that you don’t want to end. The second part is a bit more complex. Since each wedding is different, there is no “one” way to describe what I do. I figured that it would be best to explain what I do, as I actually do them.

…which is why I welcome you to Grace + Charles’ wedding. Their wedding was absolutely captivating, and constantly kept me on my toes wondering what I’d be witnessing next. This behind-the-scenes look at their wedding is just a tiny part of their charming story:

1:15 – If there’s a King Taco 0.8 miles away from the venue, it would be blasphemous not to eat there. First time using Spanish since I was 16…

1:30 – Arrive at the venue and as usual, the Sage “magic” begins. Magicians must never reveal their secrets, but in this case, I’ll let you in on some of ours {shhh!}:

-       Become a master of disguise. Especially when the bride + groom tell you that there is a crack in the ceremony program mirror {hours before the wedding}, and you must conceal it. Now you see it, now you don’t!

-       Don’t let size deceive you. Eunice and Esther are two of the smallest girls on our team, but they can seemingly carry more heavy décor than anyone else.

-       Divide, conquer, and accomplish tasks to the right specifications – *Warning! Errors will result in a correction from Eunice*

Disclaimer: These secrets + tricks must only be performed by the #sagebackstage team. Otherwise, results will vary!

3:00 – Wedding party arrives, gorgeous as ever! As much as we would love to sit and admire how fantastic everyone looks, the show must go on.

-       Mount seating chart windowpanes on easels.

-       Pick and display photos of Grace + Charles for the welcome table. A seemingly impossible task since all their pictures are perfect.

  •    Gawk at Daisy, their adorable dog, then proceed to put her picture in a frame.

-       Arrange linens, place cards, and table numbers on fifteen tables.

-       Rearrange place cards and table numbers to counter our rival: The Wind.

-       Assist guests to the atrium before the ceremony begins.

-       Get scolded by Eunice when guests decide to wander on their own and enter restricted areas.

-       Discover that guests sometimes need to be told five times where to go, and if all else fails, must be gently escorted to the proper area.

-       Sneak a peek at the First Look that Eunice is helping to coordinate and reaffirm your belief in love.

5:00 – Ceremony time! 

-       Expertly hide behind a pillar to avoid being in pictures + videos, and use animated gestures to guide the ring bearers and flower girl down the right path. {As you can probably tell, I am no longer a pupil of disguise. I have become a master.}

-       Witness Eunice nearly cry during the ceremony – a first! You know the ceremony is extremely moving when Eunice, who is always put together, nearly loses it.

-       Ceremony ends, and we escort guests to cocktail hour – should be smooth sailing from here…

5:45 – Just kidding. We now have to perform one of our best tricks yet – the vanishing act. Proceed to the nearest store to purchase extra ginger ale while guests gulp the remaining bottles that were prepared – and return in less than five minutes.

-       Discover that we have successfully won against The Wind when our place cards and table numbers are still in place. {Huzzah!}

Sage: 1, Wind: 0

Sage: 1, Wind: 0

-       Coordinate with the DJ for the Grand Entrance {thumbs up = play music}

-       Remind guests to check the windowpanes for their table numbers, and prepare to guide them to the tables if they don’t remember.

-       Pet Daisy and give her a belly rub.

6:30 – “Uptown Funk” and lots of laughter. The Grand Entrance goes off without a hitch!

-       Decide that I will never have a successful career as a dancer since I’ll never be able to dance in front of 120+ guests like the wedding party just did.

-       Family introductions begin, and hear Charles be called a “dork” by Grace’s brother. 

6:50 – The most valued part of the day – sitting for the first time since we arrived.

-       Secret #142 of the wedding handbook: No matter how comfortable your shoes seem to be, by the end of the day, your feet will be exhausted. As evidenced by my Toms.

-       Consume vendor meals {chicken, vegetables, and mashed potatoes} before deciding that what we actually want to eat are fries. Lots of fries.

-       Split up the team, and make a quick McDonald’s run for fries + coffee {the source of all energy}.

7:50 – Highly caffeinated and full of potatoes – a dangerous combination for all the obstacles that wish to challenge us. 

-       Fix the DIY photobooth, and by fix, I mean replace the ink cartridge in the printer and reroute the camera. To the intoxicated guests, we solved the photobooth with magic. But to us, we’re simply engineers in the making.

-       Remind myself that a proper night’s rest is important before a wedding. Scold myself for only sleeping four hours, secretly knowing it will probably happen again. {Blame college for adapting me to a few hours of sleep.}

-       Attempt to take a picture of Grace + Charles cutting their wedding cake while stopping myself from drooling. Sugar is my kryptonite. Well, sugar and fries.

-       Shazam the First Dance song to possibly use for my own wedding. {“Once in a Lifetime” by Landon Austin}

8:45 – Clean up begins, and once again, our strength is put to the test. 

-       Begin a real-life game of Tetris which consists of lifting a spare tire and golf clubs, while laying down the windowpanes and mirror. Superman who? More like Superwoman x 4!

-       Shamelessly take crazy photo booth pictures with the team.

-       Watch Charles let the music move him – all the way to the top of the dance floor.

-       Witness Charles’ father videotaping Charles dancing – while he bounces to the music himself. {One of my favorite moments!}

-       Sit back and relax – most of our clean-up is complete! {Another victory} 

12:00 – Climb into Eunice’s car, blink, and then I’m home. Magic? Why, it’s actually Secret #8: a long day of work + aching feet + a magical wedding = falling asleep on the car ride home.


If you read this whole entry, I love you. If you skipped to the end, I still love you.

In all seriousness, you could say that this is the SparkNotes version of what it’s like to be on the #sagebackstage team, and what it’s like to create stories. As I mentioned earlier, no two weddings are the same, which means the next chapter of my time with Sage will be entirely different. Hooked? I hope so.