a belated thank you


Two years.

Truly, so much can happen in two years. And… so much can also not happen in two years. Like… updating this blog. I apologize for the lack in updates here, but life has been incredibly interesting and incredibly busy the past couple of years.

The main idea: Sage is still here. Not only are we still here, but we are also thriving. We somewhat quietly decided not to close our doors after several meaningful and significant conversations with our families, our friends, and perhaps most importantly, with so many of you. Past couples reached out to us to express their sadness in seeing us go. Friendors sent messages of encouragement, listing reason after reason for us to continue doing what we do. Even people who had just been following us on social media contacted us to say that they had been hoping to work with us in the future.

Life for me {Eunice} has been quite the whirlwind. When I first finalized the decision that Sage would close, I was pregnant with my second son, Sawyer. I thought that such an important life change was confirmation that I would not be capable of continuing. But little did I know that not only was I more than able to continue Sage, I was actually capable of far more. In the past two years, we may not have had as many weddings as previous years {somewhat of a deliberate decision}, but many of the couples we worked with became our friends and strongest supporters.

Since choosing to remain in business, my personal life became even more complicated. Those who follow my personal Instagram probably know that I dealt with health issues after Sawyer’s birth {hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s}. But while I was getting treated and making some important decisions to improve my health, I unexpectedly became pregnant again. My pregnancy, for the lack of a better word, SUCKED. I was miserable most of the time from pain, discomfort, and anxiety. Initial ultrasounds revealed that she had a single valve umbilical cord, which can often cause miscarriages, fetal developmental issues, or premature birth. My hypothyroidism worsened, and I was constantly either in pain or tired. Way to throw those curve balls, God.

Fast forward to last month… our family thankfully welcomed a very healthy baby girl, Ashlyn. We had had two weddings in the two weekends prior to her arrival, which sounds pretty crazy to most people. But that was only possible because of the support I had. It goes without saying that I have the most amazing team one can ask for, and Sage has some of the most caring and thoughtful clients. Both weddings were both beautiful and meaningful, and I could not be happier to how we ended our 2018 season and how I ended 2018 as a whole.

With all that said, Sage has so much to look forward to in 2019. We are currently working on rebranding and building our team. We have also already made some awesome connections with couples who are entrusting us with their weddings this year. Each year, we are growing and developing, and as we approach our eighth anniversary, I am filled with gratitude and excitement. Thank you all for your love and support; truly, Sage is still here and thriving because of you.

xo, Eunice