For over the past five years, Sage has helped couples and families tell their love + life stories. People would come to us with outlines of their visions, and we would have the amazing opportunity to bring to life each personal and intimately reflective detail of the families and couples.

But today, it is with a bittersweet but incredibly grateful heart that I announce that Sage's own story ends here.

For the past year, I have felt God calling me to refocus my heart's passions and to be a better steward of my time and talents. Additionally, I have felt an incredible desire to be a more present and dedicated wife + mother, to return the sacrifice and support that my husband and son have given me these past years. With our family growing this March, I have been in constant prayer, seeking discernment and clarity in God's plans for my future. And as His plans are always perfect, He has aligned this shift in my heart with a shift in career -- back to my roots, as a teacher and advisor for middle and high school students.

Sage has already spoken with all of our current clients, and through the grace and understanding of each of them, we will move forward with planning + coordinating their weddings. However, we will no longer take on additional clients, and will ultimately be closing our doors next summer.

Some of you know that I love to use the metaphor of relationships {new, old, rekindled} when describing the amazing job opportunities that I've had over the course of my professional career. Such was the case when I initially "broke up" with my teaching career and founded Sage. And as I made the difficult decision to "break up" with Sage and start a new relationship with my students, God has yet again filled me with so much joy and peace and excitement. In my quiet times with Him, He has reminded me to, "Be still"; in its original Hebrew root form, this actually means to "Let go" -- meaning "Let go, and know that I am God."

Letting go is definitely a struggle. I'm extremely proud of the journey I have had with Sage. Since first launching in 2011, I have been overwhelmed by the grace God has shown this small, but passionate company. We have had the privilege of helping over 100 couples tell their love stories, along with the countless friendors I have made through each event. What an honor it has been.

And I cannot go without recognizing the #sagebackstage team who has been crucial to the success of Sage and each of our weddings. I have met some of the most talented, creative, and driven ladies that I've ever had the honor of working with, and I am certain each of them will go on to do amazing work at the very lucky companies that are able to hire them.

With that said, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the time I have had with Sage. With a heavy but excited heart, I look forward to this next adventure with my students. And humbly, I ask for your prayers and support as you follow me in this next chapter of my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.