tiffany's epiphanies | part one

a.k.a. how did I get home?

A special thank you to everyone who read my last post! The feedback I’ve received was far greater than I would have ever imagined, and as always, your never-ending support means so much to me! You’ve left me with an exhilarating feeling, and it makes me that much more excited about this next entry. 

After being on the #sagebackstage team for over a month, I quickly learned that no two weddings are the same – every wedding is unique. And that’s the best part. I discover something new each time, as if I’m adding a little extra magic to carry around in my pocket.

Now, many of you have asked me what it’s like to be a part of Sage, and what I do during weddings. The first part is easy for me to answer – being a part of Sage is like being a part of an endearing storybook that you don’t want to end. The second part is a bit more complex. Since each wedding is different, there is no “one” way to describe what I do. I figured that it would be best to explain what I do, as I actually do them.

…which is why I welcome you to Grace + Charles’ wedding. Their wedding was absolutely captivating, and constantly kept me on my toes wondering what I’d be witnessing next. This behind-the-scenes look at their wedding is just a tiny part of their charming story:

1:15 – If there’s a King Taco 0.8 miles away from the venue, it would be blasphemous not to eat there. First time using Spanish since I was 16…

1:30 – Arrive at the venue and as usual, the Sage “magic” begins. Magicians must never reveal their secrets, but in this case, I’ll let you in on some of ours {shhh!}:

-       Become a master of disguise. Especially when the bride + groom tell you that there is a crack in the ceremony program mirror {hours before the wedding}, and you must conceal it. Now you see it, now you don’t!

-       Don’t let size deceive you. Eunice and Esther are two of the smallest girls on our team, but they can seemingly carry more heavy décor than anyone else.

-       Divide, conquer, and accomplish tasks to the right specifications – *Warning! Errors will result in a correction from Eunice*

Disclaimer: These secrets + tricks must only be performed by the #sagebackstage team. Otherwise, results will vary!

3:00 – Wedding party arrives, gorgeous as ever! As much as we would love to sit and admire how fantastic everyone looks, the show must go on.

-       Mount seating chart windowpanes on easels.

-       Pick and display photos of Grace + Charles for the welcome table. A seemingly impossible task since all their pictures are perfect.

  •    Gawk at Daisy, their adorable dog, then proceed to put her picture in a frame.

-       Arrange linens, place cards, and table numbers on fifteen tables.

-       Rearrange place cards and table numbers to counter our rival: The Wind.

-       Assist guests to the atrium before the ceremony begins.

-       Get scolded by Eunice when guests decide to wander on their own and enter restricted areas.

-       Discover that guests sometimes need to be told five times where to go, and if all else fails, must be gently escorted to the proper area.

-       Sneak a peek at the First Look that Eunice is helping to coordinate and reaffirm your belief in love.

5:00 – Ceremony time! 

-       Expertly hide behind a pillar to avoid being in pictures + videos, and use animated gestures to guide the ring bearers and flower girl down the right path. {As you can probably tell, I am no longer a pupil of disguise. I have become a master.}

-       Witness Eunice nearly cry during the ceremony – a first! You know the ceremony is extremely moving when Eunice, who is always put together, nearly loses it.

-       Ceremony ends, and we escort guests to cocktail hour – should be smooth sailing from here…

5:45 – Just kidding. We now have to perform one of our best tricks yet – the vanishing act. Proceed to the nearest store to purchase extra ginger ale while guests gulp the remaining bottles that were prepared – and return in less than five minutes.

-       Discover that we have successfully won against The Wind when our place cards and table numbers are still in place. {Huzzah!}

Sage: 1, Wind: 0

Sage: 1, Wind: 0

-       Coordinate with the DJ for the Grand Entrance {thumbs up = play music}

-       Remind guests to check the windowpanes for their table numbers, and prepare to guide them to the tables if they don’t remember.

-       Pet Daisy and give her a belly rub.

6:30 – “Uptown Funk” and lots of laughter. The Grand Entrance goes off without a hitch!

-       Decide that I will never have a successful career as a dancer since I’ll never be able to dance in front of 120+ guests like the wedding party just did.

-       Family introductions begin, and hear Charles be called a “dork” by Grace’s brother. 

6:50 – The most valued part of the day – sitting for the first time since we arrived.

-       Secret #142 of the wedding handbook: No matter how comfortable your shoes seem to be, by the end of the day, your feet will be exhausted. As evidenced by my Toms.

-       Consume vendor meals {chicken, vegetables, and mashed potatoes} before deciding that what we actually want to eat are fries. Lots of fries.

-       Split up the team, and make a quick McDonald’s run for fries + coffee {the source of all energy}.

7:50 – Highly caffeinated and full of potatoes – a dangerous combination for all the obstacles that wish to challenge us. 

-       Fix the DIY photobooth, and by fix, I mean replace the ink cartridge in the printer and reroute the camera. To the intoxicated guests, we solved the photobooth with magic. But to us, we’re simply engineers in the making.

-       Remind myself that a proper night’s rest is important before a wedding. Scold myself for only sleeping four hours, secretly knowing it will probably happen again. {Blame college for adapting me to a few hours of sleep.}

-       Attempt to take a picture of Grace + Charles cutting their wedding cake while stopping myself from drooling. Sugar is my kryptonite. Well, sugar and fries.

-       Shazam the First Dance song to possibly use for my own wedding. {“Once in a Lifetime” by Landon Austin}

8:45 – Clean up begins, and once again, our strength is put to the test. 

-       Begin a real-life game of Tetris which consists of lifting a spare tire and golf clubs, while laying down the windowpanes and mirror. Superman who? More like Superwoman x 4!

-       Shamelessly take crazy photo booth pictures with the team.

-       Watch Charles let the music move him – all the way to the top of the dance floor.

-       Witness Charles’ father videotaping Charles dancing – while he bounces to the music himself. {One of my favorite moments!}

-       Sit back and relax – most of our clean-up is complete! {Another victory} 

12:00 – Climb into Eunice’s car, blink, and then I’m home. Magic? Why, it’s actually Secret #8: a long day of work + aching feet + a magical wedding = falling asleep on the car ride home.


If you read this whole entry, I love you. If you skipped to the end, I still love you.

In all seriousness, you could say that this is the SparkNotes version of what it’s like to be on the #sagebackstage team, and what it’s like to create stories. As I mentioned earlier, no two weddings are the same, which means the next chapter of my time with Sage will be entirely different. Hooked? I hope so.