tiffany's epiphanies | part three | final

September has come, which means my summer is quickly ending. It’s time to trade those late mornings for 8AM classes, and weekend weddings for study sessions. If only I could whip up a magic spell to freeze time and stay in this summer bliss forever.


But alas, all good things must come to end eventually… or not. Though my time with Sage may be ending {boo!}, the friendships and bonds will be everlasting. This experience would not have been half of what it was without the amazing #sagebackstage team. They welcomed me with open arms, warm smiles, and “sage” advice. As I mentioned in my previous post, working with the team has been a huge PRO of this entire experience. They’ve made a lasting impact on me, and that’s why I am dedicating my last post to three wonderful ladies, whom I’ll refer to as “The Three E’s”.


Erica | The Designer

Erica, hands-down, has one of the greatest aesthetic eyes. Like I said before, I’d never considered myself to be creative, but after watching Erica work her magic, she’s selflessly shared some of her secrets with me. Thanks to her, I know what fonts look great together, how to lay out escort cards in a picture-perfect way, and how to secretly disguise décor blunders. She might seem reserved at first, but she has become my go-to for anything, ranging from questions about the way something looks or when I need quick feedback.


Esther | The Mascot/Mom

She’s known as the mascot of the team, which definitely suits her personality. She’s constantly making us laugh and adding that spark of energy we need to get through our day. Esther is constantly checking up on me to make sure I’m not overwhelmed, and doesn’t hesitate to answer any questions I might have. As a joke, I call her my “mom” because she always makes sure I eat enough during our long wedding days, and she somehow always manages to get me bread and butter {all I need in life are bread, butter… and fries}.


Eunice | The Mentor

When I first met Eunice, I immediately felt at ease. She has this soothing quality to her, and it makes you trust her instantly. She’s patient, caring, understanding, and basically every adjective that you would use to describe a mentor. She’s taught me how to handle stressful situations {like dealing with difficult vendors, yikes!} and how to rock the term “playful professionalism”. I admire her in so many ways, and I’ve found myself trying to emulate her – the way she listens intently when you’re telling a story, how she can remember the little details that would normally be overlooked, her ability to compartmentalize and organize, and the way she looks at a situation from all angles. Not only is she great at telling life + love stories, she’s amazing at giving life + love advice.

Throughout my internship, I’ve had the honor of meeting and working with some of the most amazing ladies on the #sagebackstage team. Although I’ve highlighted only a few of the ones I’ve worked most closely with {The Three E’s}, I will be forever grateful for each and every single one of the ladies on our team. Thank you so much for an unforgettable summer, filled with tulle, flowers, and heartfelt sentiments!